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✨ Make a beautiful sequin flip wallpaper for your smartphone! ✨

Decorate your phone screen with sequins and glitter, try out our new “live wallpapers” that will make your smartphone look like a party! Your new sequin flip wallpaper is colorful, shiny and a wonderful decoration that will catch everybody's eye! If you like beautiful glittery wallpapers, the ✨ Sequin Flip Live Wallpaper App ✨ is the “wallpaper app” that you will absolutely adore! Choose your favorite colors and shape of the sequins and make the cutest glitter custom wallpaper for your phone! Play with your new “reversible sequin” live wallpaper free!


🎊 Create various sequin flip wallpapers!
🎊 Easy to install and easy to use!
🎊 Lots of customizing options!
🎊 Choose the colors of the front and back side of the sequins!
🎊 Select the shape of the sequins – round, octagonal or diamond!
🎊 Pick out cute sequin pictures!
🎊 Flip the sequins with your finger!
🎊 You can flip the sequins over the app icons!
🎊 Play the lottery to win new colors!
🎊 Download for free!

✨ Customize your own wallpaper with colorful reversible sequins!

Customize your wallpaper easily by choosing the type and colors of the sequins, create a unique combination that suits your taste best! The best thing is that you can change the appearance of your sequin flip wallpaper anytime you want, simply by touching it. There's more – choose the shape of the sequins that you like the most, make it round, octagonal or diamond. You can turn your phone into a cute fashion accessory by matching your sequin background with your shoes and purse! ✨ Sequin Flip Live Wallpaper App ✨ is a great app to have on your phone, so download it today!

✨ Flip the sequins to create a two-colored shiny live wallpaper on your screen! ✨

Make cool and unique sequin art on your phone screen by installing the ✨ Sequin Flip Live Wallpaper App ✨ and making amazing live wallpapers glitter with sequins. If you have a couple of minutes during your busy day, play with your “sequin wallpaper”, relax by flipping the mermaid sequin and make new interesting shapes and color combinations. You can make all kinds of shapes with just one sequin flip wall paper, so you will never get bored by it. Select a cute sequin picture and open it with a flick of your finger! Your new glitter wallpapers and backgrounds that you can change anytime you want will brighten your day every time you look at them. With colorful glitter and flip sequin you can make dozens of glitter live wallpapers and backgrounds, so don't wait, try it!

✨ Enjoy using this flip wallpaper with glitter sequins! ✨

Make an amazing screen background wallpaper for your phone and create an elegant or extravagant sequins flip wallpaper! Download the ✨ Sequin Flip Live Wallpaper App ✨ for free today and use your imagination to create new “moving wallpapers”! This reversible sequin wallpaper is not just beautiful, but fun to make and use, too! You can make “cute phone wallpapers” with just a little creativity. This colorful “glitter sparkle” wallpaper with sequin flip will give your smartphone screen a new look every time you use it, and it's great for fashionable teenage girls with good taste!

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Can you hear the jingle bells? Are you excited about the happiest time of the year? We are, and in that spirit, we present you some of the most amazing Christmas sequin wallpapers ever! Create the best Christmas wallpaper with sequins for your phone background and enjoy your brand new and cheerful sequin live wallpaper. Choose the best sequin image or a festive color for both the front and back side of your sequins and decorate your background wallpaper with beautiful and fun Christmas sequins for free. Flip the sequins right there on your phone screen, enjoy your wonderful sequin wallpapers and have a Merry Christmas!
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