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The original tablet mixing software is now able to control a Yamaha M7CL-32 or M7CL-48 digital mixer directly from an android device. Simply connect your console to a wireless router, configure AirFader, and go! See why users call AirFader their favorite GUI for remote mixer control.

Control most Input, Mix, Matrix and Stereo parameters including: On, Fader, Patch, Link, HA, Phantom, Phase, Pan, Stereo/Mono, Mute Group, Dynamics, Parametric EQ and Send to Mix/Matrix.

Custom Fader Layer allows you to assemble any channels in any order including duplicates and blank spaces, with draggable re-ordering. You can even copy the Custom Layer to/from the console.

Sends on Faders mode allows you to adjust any Channel Send for a single Mix/Matrix, or open the Channel View and adjust any Mix/Matrix for a single channel. Perfect for fast sound checks.

Other features include Graphic EQ, Outport level/delay, and metering of input levels and dynamics. AirFader even stays connected in the background so you can use other apps without losing your place.
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March 8, 2016

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