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TestingCatalog is a database of the best Android apps available for beta testing curated manually since 2016 🔥

We list all the popular apps that have a beta release track as well as new unreleased apps from indie devs.

If you want to add an app to TestingCatalog you can submit it via this form https://forms.gle/AyQcC7bTDYKJ9p1n8

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Why bother with beta testing?

You will be able to get new features of your favourite Android apps first and try new apps before they released to everyone.

📲 New user experiences!
📲 Be a part of the fast-growing community of beta testers.
📲 A chance to influence product development.
📲 Unlimited opportunities to boost your productivity with new apps and features.

You can find opt-in links for many different apps, available for beta testing. Weekly updated catalogue with the new apps for beta testing is waiting for you!

This app was made by beta testers for beta testers. We have the biggest collection of Android apps for beta testing and our main goal is to connect beta testers and Android app developers.


* Applications list - a list of Android apps for beta testing with weekly updates.
* Application details - app description with opt-in options.
* Help - a small step by step tutorial for beta testers.
* Search - Full-text search among our database.
* Installed apps - a list of installed apps available for beta testing.
* Ended betas highlighting - ended beta programs apps are highlighted with a grey colour.

Any bug reports, feature requests are welcome! Happy testing!

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Important! Please keep in mind that it is a manually curated database 😎
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