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Local + Offline multiplayer for 2 devices!

In this free action app is your aim, to hit your opponent with one of the 32 weapons until his/her health is below zero. You can choose between 3 weapon types and one bomb type.
There are real-, fantasy-, and crazy-weapons like miniguns, Sniper rifles, gravity balls, electrical clouds and different bombs (multi-bomb ...).
Each weapon has a special effect, for example: confusion, slow, attraction...
During the fight power ups will spawn randomly. These power ups can help you to survive the classic duel longer or win faster!

If a missile leaves your smartphone screen, then you shoot from your screen to the screen of your friend over bluetooth
and he has to dodge the bullet or lose! You should also calculate his movement, if you wanna hit him.

- its a free bluetooth game for 2 players
- one can play together on 2 devices (local + offline multiplayer battle)
- you can use 2 phones, while playing together.
- buffs/ power-ups (speed, healing, points x2 and more)
- bombs, rockets, bullets, funny missiles like gravity bombs or electric balls, etc.
- unlock weapons or skins with gems
- skins for the duel character
- background skins
- dual purpose: multi- or singleplayer
- 3 monsters: Knight, Boxer, Marlin

Roadmap / future features:
- 32 different weapons
- Wifi support

I hope you enjoy my Bluetooth Games.

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Additional informations
Published/Updated Date

May 19, 2020


1 000 000+



Requires Android

4.4 and up



Content Rating

EveryoneMild Fantasy Violence