Germany Short Stories (Kurze Geschichten)

Germany Short Stories (Kurze Geschichten)

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Many people’s first idea is to take a look at children’s books, another starting point may be stories written in a special simplified German style, but chances are adult learners will find these texts boring.

History for everyone. To learn German.
easy to understand the very beautiful story.
German stories rich vocabulary (A1-B1).
You can read the stories themselves.
Immer lesen - toujours lire - always read.

Learn German by Story Book
German Short Story Book (Deutsch Geschichte Buch) for all, children, kids & teens - Unique way of learning German, Panchtantra short stories are written in both English & German

German Children's Stories
100 German Short Stories for Beginners: Learn German With Short story
How is it possible to learn German easily and effortlessly by yourself? The most effective way to learn German is reading interesting German short stories.
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This is why in this APP I’ve collected a few German short stories which are not just manageable for beginners and intermediate learners but also simply great literature. Most of these short stories were written in the post-war era, because after the horrors of WWII many German authors felt that their language, just like their homeland, was in desperate need of new beginnings and had to be freed from the remnants of pathos and ideology. As a consequence, these authors developed a new language which was characterized by simplicity and brevity. This is what makes these short stories an excellent way to practice German.
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