Counter Terrorist War Zone Black Ops Death Match

Counter Terrorist War Zone Black Ops Death Match


Counter Terrorist War Zone Black Ops Death Match is the best Counter Terrorist War Zone game of Black Ops Death Match. A Sniper Assassin becomes a Counter Terrorist in this War Zone game of Black Ops Death Match. These are war games of a sniper assassin black ops for death match in a war zone.

Background story of this world war game by Kool Games:

Our sniper shooter has now moved from sniper shooting games to a world war game in world wars. The sniper assassin is now handling world wars terrorist game. Though our sniper shooter has never seen world wars before but with his sniper shooting skills he will truly become a war hero. The challenge of world wars will now become a hard task for our war hero in this sniper shooting game.

What are these war games all about by Kool Games:

This sniper shooter world wars terrorist game is all about sniper shooting and kill shot by a sniper assassin. This terrorist game has different sniper assassin kill shot levels. Each level of these war games has an interesting mission for the war hero. There are a total of 25 sniper shooting kill shot levels. Your objective in war games as a war hero is to perform precise kill shot to stay safe.

How to play this terrorist game by Kool Games?

You are going to have lots of shooting guns for the killing in this terrorist game as you will need to shoot to keep yourself safe from the enemies. You need to use the shooting guns in following manner to shoot in war games:

1. You can click the bullet button on the right of the screen to fire in this sniper shooter game.

2. You can also click on the Zoom button on the left of the screen to have a closer look at the target in this shooter game.

4. Aim well with shooting guns and try to finish your enemy in one shot in this sniper shooter game.

5. Touch the bullet button to eliminate your enemy in game.

6. As this shooting game has different levels so accomplish the mission set for a certain level to successfully unlock next level of this war sniper game.

7. Once you have cleared a level, you can always come back and give it another shot to better your previous mission accomplishment time in this shooting game.

Why this shooting game by Kool Games?

You are surely going to love this war hero game over the others due to following salient features:

1. Totally Free: This shooting game is totally free!

2. Delightful graphics: This war sniper game has awesome graphics which make long lasting impressions on your mind and vision. The graphics are high quality as well as very smooth so you are going to have your best gaming experience while playing this war sniper game.

3. Entertaining music: This war sniper game has a very entertaining music for your pleasure.

4. Very realistic sound effects: The sound effects in this war game are very realistic and they keep you fully involved in this war sniper game.

5. Top Quality Fun: Its great fun to play this war game as the aim is to get better and better until you are totally safe from the terrorists acting as your enemies.

6. Realistic Missions: The mission associated with each level of this war game is very realistic and it throws you in the real world while keeping you fully engaged. Each mission is time bound with a specific elimination target of enemies to keep you focused on the job at hand.

7. Player Feedback: We at Kool Games are at all times looking for your feedback and try our best to make your gaming experience more and more interesting.

Who should play this killing game?

Anybody who wants a shooting challenge should play this killing game. Everyone else looking for endless shooting with shooting guns can also play this killing game.

When to play this killing game?

A great thing about this shooter game is that it can be played at anytime. You are at office or at home, whenever you have free time just pull out your shooting guns and enjoy playing this shooter game.

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Additional informations

Published/Updated Date

November 10, 2017


100 000+



Requires Android

4.1 and up



Content Rating

TeenViolence, Blood