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"My Notes - Speech to Text PRO" is the ad-free version of the app "My Notes - Speech to Text." You can create notes quickly and easily, either through voice input or you can use of the on-screen keyboard.
The clear overview allows you quick access to your notes, you can sort, edit or delete they. The list of your notes can also be integrated as a "widget" in your home screen, the size is freely scaleable.
There are also other possibilities to use your notes, e.g. sent by e-mail, messenger (WhatsApp ...), saved it in the cloud (google drive, dropbox ...), transferred it to your calendar or sent it to the google translator. It is also possible to save your note as a PDF or TXT file.

Operation manual:
Notepad (main view in which all notes are displayed) functions:
Create a note:
At the bottom right, press the green "(+)" button >>> the "Note" view will be displayed

Edit note:
wipe note to the right >>> background turns to green and icon “edit”
appears >>> the "Note" view will be displayed

Delete note:
wipe note to left >>> background turns red and icon with “recycle bin” appears >>> the
Security prompt “Do you really want delete the note” will be displayed

Change order of notes:
Long press on the note to be moved >>> hold the note and move it up or down
>>> let it go and the Note will be sorted in at the new position

View note:

Create a note by voice input:
press the green "microphone" botton on the bottom right, >>> "Please speak ..." window appears >>> speak your Note >>> text appears >>> press "back" key >>> note will be saved and added to the notepad

Create a note by typing on the on-screen keyboard:
Click the note (yellow area) >>> Keyboard will be displayed >>> enter note >>>
Press "back" key >>> keyboard disappears >>> press "back" key >>> note will be saved and added to the notepad

Forward note to friends:
click on "Share" icon at the menu bar, >>> Select program >>> Select recipient
>>> date, time and note will be automatically transfered >>> send

Transfer note to calendar:
click on "Calendar" icon at the menu bar >>> Note will be transfered >>> set date and time as used to and save >>> press the "back" key until note view appears

Convert note to pdf file:
click on icon "pdf" >>> select pdf viewer (if not exist, please install) >>> pdf will
displayed >>> save or go back to your note without saving

Add your notepad to your home screen (widget):
press long to the start screen >>> select WIDGET >>> select "My notes"
>>> set the desired size >>> the notebook will be displayed on your home screen and will be automatically updated. By clicking to the list, you open the notebook and can create, edit, delete notes.
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September 16, 2020

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