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Best educational app for little children. 10 games in one:
- Distinguish between different shapes using fun wooden pieces.
- Learn professions and match the objects that relate to them.
- Learn to recognize different animals.
- Solve puzzles of increasing difficulty using fun and interesting animations.
- Guess the sound of musical instruments.
- Solve jigsaws with fun images.
- Sound animated learning of letters and numbers.
- Improve memory skills with exciting matching games.
- Distinguish between shapes and colors and match the colorful pieces.
- Multiple levels of difficulty, complexity.
- Play against the clock.
- Colorful images and fun sound effects keep your child's attention for a long time.
- Easy to use games allow your child to play alone.

You can also develop the following skills by playing this game:
- Stimulates the intellect by overcoming challenges and difficulties.
- Improve children's knowledge of their environment.
- Learn to recognize numbers and the letters of the alphabet.
- Keep children entertained with animal, musical instrument, vehicle sounds and other exciting sound effects.
- It's specifically designed as an educational tool for preschoolers and up.
- Activates and trains the right brain, improving the brains observation and concentration skills, cognitive ability, memory capacity, creativity and imagination.
- Improve hand-eye coordination and response speed. Exercise visual ability to observe the dynamic objects.
- Self-teaching (educational)
- Easy to operate. Suitable for children, the elderly, their families and friends to play together.
- Includes lots of entertaining animations such as: cartoon characters, animals, cars, toys, planes, and much more!
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December 12, 2019


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