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Compilation of hadiths by 9 books (Shahih Bukhari, Shahih Muslim, Sunan Abu Daud, etc), completed with the collection of hadiths related to Al–Qur’an, Qudsi, and Mutawatir. With the translation in Indonesian and the degree of authenticity of the hadiths will make it easier for us to learn hadith as the second source of Islamic law after Al Qur’an.

This application is the official version from LIDWA PUSAKA as the owner of the contents in Ensiklopedi Hadits - Kitab 9 Imam.

Includes 9 hadith books (kutubut tis’ah):

(1) Shahih Bukhari
(2) Shahih Muslim
(3) Sunan Abu Daud
(4) Sunan Tirmidzi
(5) Sunan Nasa'i
(6) Sunan Ibnu Majah
(7) Musnad Ahmad
(8) Muwatha' Malik
(9) Sunan Darimi


• Read all hadiths – More than 62.000 hadiths

• Complete with translation - English and Indonesian translation available

• Degree of the authenticity from Ulama (a group of Muslim scholars) – Excludes Musnad Ahmad and Muwatha' Malik

• Copy and paste – Arabic text and the translation can be copied and pasted

• Search – In the Arabic texts and the translation

• Related hadiths - Hadith list related to the hadith which is opened

• Hadiths index – Hadith list in themes (Faiths, Morals, Manners, Worship, Dealings, Prophet Stories and Jihad, etc)

• Compilation of hadiths – Qudsi, Mutawatir, regards to Al Qur’an, Marfu, Mauquf, Maqthu, Mursal, Munqathi, Muallaq

• Chains of narration diagram – Diagram of various transmission chains of hadiths

• Detailed narrators - Information to see the credibility of the narrators of the hadith

• Narrator statistic – Hadith narrator graph over the entire hadiths narrated

• Font customization - Arabic letter (font) options for your comfort

• Bookmark – Add bookmark in the hadiths to be stored

• Notes - Add a note to a hadith

• Highlight - Put a highlight on the content of a hadith

• Multi numbering – Al-Alamiyah, Fathul Bari and Syarah An-Nawawi, etc

• Daily hadith – Get interesting hadith every day
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April 14, 2021


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