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Birth control pill reminder app is perfect app for women using contraceptive pills, ring or patch contraceptive. The Pill Reminder lets you select what type of contraceptive you are using and an notifications will remind you when it is time to take your pill or replace your contraception. Pill reminder app also tracks your history, has a planner so you’ll know when it’s time to go pick up your next prescription, and it helps to track your controlled period.

Remembering to take your pill every day is hard. But it doesn’t have to be with Birth Control Pill Reminder. The app reminds you to take your contraception every day at the same time and automatically stop reminders during the break days when you are on your period. It’ll also reschedule on its own, taking your birth control pill has never been so easy.

For those who use the patch or ring Birth control remainder will notify to change your contraception. If you’re into planning ahead Birth Control Reminder lets you see your next pack dates for months in advance so you can plan vacations and other events around your period.

Birth Control Pill Reminder features:
- Daily pill remainder, automatically preset to pause on break days during your period
- Different notification sounds that you can choose and customize your pill notification
- Pin code protection to protect your privacy, lock app with password
- Customizable number of pills per pack and number of break days
- Custom alert messages to avoid embarrassment in front of others
- Monthly view calendar with marked active and break days

Importan note:
Some Android devices have a setting that prevents apps from firing notifications when the app is not active. A simple solution is to check your phone and see if this functionality is enabled. Those settings are battery optimization features that some device manufacturers implement to extend phone battery. Please contact us on email [email protected] if you have problem with notifications to help you setup your phone.

Enjoy using our free Pill reminder app!
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