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One of the games people will love, BALL THE UNBLOCK is one of the fun games. It is also extremely easy to play as the game is quite simple to install. In the game you will solve immediately in the first level and in time you can lead yourself in more practical ways. When you open the game and send the ball to the desired destination, you are moving to the next level. However, to be able to level up quickly you need to be extremely practical. This game can be played by many people and can be uploaded to almost any smartphone. The game doesn't require very high skills and it's fun to spend time.

Watch Metal Blocks
There are two different blocks in the game. Some of these are the blocks that can move and concern you. There are also metal blocks. These blocks don't move and are in the game to make it harder for your business. In this game which is preferred as SINGLE GAME, people are trying to combine the paths that the ball will pass by moving the blocks that can move on their own. In the visual of the game that appears like a maze, the paths are curved. In this way it is extremely important that you pull each block into its place. This TOP GAME is also a star collecting game. So even though the real goal in the game is to send the ball to the desired place, you need to collect the stars while doing so.

Import the Stars
BLOCK SHIFT GAME is starting with very easy level in the first place. A few levels are the level that players can pass without difficulty. Then each level becomes a little more complicated, and players are facing a major challenge in the face of the crossword. When you move blocks, you don't only lead to the ball, but you also need to get the three stars on the way. When the ball moves over the canal, the stars get the star. It must be your main goal to collect all the stars on the road and send the ball to the hole. The most important point to note is that the blocks with metal cannot be moved in any way.
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November 22, 2018


10 000+



Requires Android

4.1 and up



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Everyone 10+Mild Violence