PONS School Library - for language learning

PONS School Library - for language learning - PONS

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The PONS School Library contains dictionaries, verb tables and learning aids for English, French, German, Latin and Spanish.

Everything you need for your foreign-language classes from the 5th year up until graduation:
• Look up and translate words
• Learn vocabulary
• Look up and learn verb forms
• Functions 100 % offline

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DICTIONARIES – Easily look up words

• With audio (except Latin)
• Grammatical information, verb conjugations, abbreviations and much more
• Copy words or entire sentences from another app and look them up readily in the dictionary.
• Use the full-text search to find example sentences effortlessly
• With vocabulary trainer

From 5th grade to graduation

Dictionary English - German SCHOOL by PONS
Dictionary French - German SCHOOL by PONS
Dictionary Spanish - German SCHOOL by PONS
each with 290,000 keywords, phrases & translations

Dictionary German SCHOOL by PONS
with 42,000 keywords and phrases and over 54,000 definitions

Dictionary Latin -> German ADVANCED by PONS
with 130,000 keywords, phrases & translations

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VERB TABLES – With the most important verbs for every school year

PONS SCHOOL English Verb Tables
PONS SCHOOL French Verb Tables
PONS SCHOOL Spanish Verb Tables
PONS SCHOOL Latin Verb Tables

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GRAMMAR - Grammar essentials for the entire school career

PONS SCHOOL English Grammar
PONS SCHOOL French Grammar
PONS SCHOOL Spanish Grammar
PONS SCHOOL Latin Grammar

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AT A GLANCE – Avoid errors quickly, simply and efficiently

PONS Typical English Errors at a Glance
PONS English Spelling and Punctuation at a Glance
PONS French Spelling and Punctuation at a Glance
PONS Typical French Errors at a Glance
PONS Typical Spanish Errors at a Glance
PONS Typical Latin Errors at a Glance
PONS Typical German Errors at a Glance
PONS German Spelling and Punctuation at a Glance
PONS German Comma Rules at a Glance

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If you have bought in 2016 a printed Student’s dictionary, you can download the corresponding dictionary for free. Just type your code into the input box.

• Student’s dictionary English - German
• Student’s dictionary French - German
• Student’s dictionary Latin -> German
• Student’s dictionary Spanish - German

More information:
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Schools can buy apps in volume at a special price: [email protected]
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Support: [email protected]

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About PONS:
PONS has been developing green language learning materials for over 30 years: from traditional dictionaries and grammar guides to audio and software language courses and even free online resources.

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