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This app will unbind you from Exchange ActiveSync policies and bypass them. This means that you will be able to access your Exchange mailbox via ActiveSync using unmodified native android mail apps without granting remote administration permissions to the Exchange server and without rooting the device. The app lets you also customize some of the device info data exposed by the email client.

The app supports multiple accounts on multiple Exchange servers. You need a valid account and prior access to your Exchange server as Exchained cannot obtain that for you, also it won't work with Exchange accounts that require a client certificate which is typical when the device is controlled by an MDM solution, such as Microsoft Intune.

Currently tested mail clients:
- Android AOSP native client
- Gmail app
- Samsung's "E-mail" app and Samsung Focus
- BlackBerry Hub
- Nine, Boxer, Mail Wise,

Other mail clients may or may not work: the app should work with most Exchange ActiveSync clients that are based on the Android Exchange libraries and that let you configure the scheme/server/port of the Exchange server (which excludes the "Outlook" Android app as it always uses an https scheme). It can also be useful, when using multiple Exchange ActiveSync client apps, to limit the number of active partnerships seen by the server.

PLEASE NOTE that, if you don't have access to your Exchange server via ActiveSync, Exchained cannot magically obtain that for you. If you have access and can get the emails, Exchained can hide the ActiveSync policies. However if you don't have a valid account, or Exchange has been configured to require a portal or MDM pre-authorization or allow only some specific devices, or block e.g. your mail client, or the ActiveSync protocol, or HTTP authentication, etc..., all these things are outside Exchained's control. While these can be generally seen as "policies", they are not the "ActiveSync policies" that Exchained can handle.

The app doesn't provide or implement any part of the Exchange ActiveSync protocol itself (either server or client), it doesn't even decode the Exchange XML messages, it just performs smart search&replace actions on the traffic flow between a third-party mail client app and the Exchange server. Therefore the app is tiny and uses negligible resources on your mobile device.

Tested Exchange server versions: 2016 [v15.1] (including Office365), 2013 [v15.0]; Exchange 2010 and earlier are NOT supported.

Tested ActiveSync versions: 14.1, 16

Customizable device info: DeviceType, DeviceId and UserAgent.

Please read instructions at https://sites.google.com/site/bikomobi/exchained before purchasing the app.
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