Read Listen Quran Coran Koran Mp3 Free قرآن كريم

Read Listen Quran Coran Koran Mp3 Free قرآن كريم
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Read Listen Holy Quran Mp3 Free Koran Recitation without internet

Koran Madani MusHaf Hafs complete Quran

Listen to recitations of several recognized Sunni reciters: Minchawi, Husari, `AbdulBaaSiT

Audio mp3 of Quran available offline after downloading.

Repeat audio by verse.Tajwid of Quran

Surat, Jouz 'Hizb, Bookmark, Favorite to resume recitation

Quick search by key words in the verses of Quran

Copy the verses of Quran and share

Tafsir Exegesis of great Sunni scholars (tafsir content has not been completely verified): Qurtubi, Tahrir wa t-Tanwir Tahir Ibn `Ashur, Tabari, Baghawi

Receive regular Islamic information in the application in Arabic, French, English, Spanish

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March 30, 2020


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